Want to learn more about Los Angeles? Below are just a few of the numerous online resources available for learning about the history of Los Angeles. Use the links in the sidebar to find additional resources.

County of Los Angeles Public Library local history collections

Local history web sites for fifteen branches of the county library system. These sites provide answers to frequently asked community history questions, including information on Native Americans who lived in the area in prehistoric times, local missions and the early history of the community. They also contain images of historic community photographs and other documents, and links and citations to additional community history resources.


Los Angeles Almanac

The first and longest-running online almanac dedicated to Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, and surrounding areas. Launched in 1998, this website contains historical statistics, summaries, lists of public officials, site information, and more.


Los Angeles Public Library's Research Guide

There is no better place to start your search than LAPL. In particular, check out the census tract maps for Los Angeles County, genealogy resources, L.A. maps (including maps of L.A. history and growth), obituaries, and ways to find the history of your house.


Wikipedia's History of Los Angeles

Great place to get an overview of L.A. history. Check out the bibliography at the end as well.