Projects Sponsored by LACHS

The Los Angeles City Historical Society has created a new website that offers selected historical photographs from the Los Angeles City Archives. Viewers can search by community name, such as Chinatown, Venice, Westwood, or Downtown Los Angeles. One can also search by subject, such as bridges, streets, dates, and/or other specific topics. One can also select Random Images and scroll through the images. If one clicks on the ID number, the complete record will appear, and the viewer can also click on the image to see a larger copy.


The website was created and curated by LACHS member and newsletter editor Anna Sklar with a grant from the John Randolph Haynes Foundation. This is a work in progress with 675 images uploaded to date. Eventually, more than 3,000 images will be posted on the website. For information on ordering digital copies or prints, please contact

If you would like LACHS to sponsor a research project, please contact us. We can usually only sponsor one or two projects a year. If we do not have the resources to sponsor your project, we will be happy to help you find other funding sources.