The LACHS Newsletter

The Los Angeles City Historical Society Newsletter is issued and mailed to members three times per year; Winter/Spring, Summer and Fall. It details current news about the society, articles on local history, book reviews, and additional information about historical happenings in Los Angeles. If you are interested in the latest hot-off-the-press printed version by mail, please consider becoming a member!


Summer 2014 - "Angels in the Field"
Inside this edition:
• Angels in the Field

• Remembering the Philharmonic Auditorium
• Bob Hattem In Memorium
• Meet Your Board Members
• Chasing Ghosts: Uncovering Los Angeles’ Little Italy
• Geraldine Knatz Elected to The National Academy of Engineering
• Preserving Los Angeles – The City’s Office of Historic Resources
• LACHS Visits the Workman-Temple Homestead Museum
• Ramona Resurrected: The Long Lost 1928 Film Adaptation Resurfaces
Book Reviews:
• Grand Ventures: The Banning Family and the Shaping of Southern California
• A Baker’s Dozen of Books on the History of California Water

Winter/Spring 2014 - "GALA 2013"
Inside this edition:
• Gala 2013

• L.A. as Subject October 2013
• New Board Member Geraldine Knatz
• Silver Lake History
• 22nd Annual Marie Northrop Lecture Series Schedule
• LACHS Members on the Trail to the St. Francis Dam
• LACHS Inspects Music Center’s Dorothy Chandler Pavilion
• One of Los Angeles’ Darkest Hours Retrieved from History
Book Reviews:

• Iconic Vision: John Parkinson Architect of Los Angeles
• Deadly Times: The 1910 Bombing of the Los Angeles Times and America’s Forgotten Decade of Terror
• A Mysterious Simething In The Light: The Life of Raymond Chandler
• Songs In the Key of Los Angeles: Sheet Music from the Los Angeles Public Library


November 2013 - "Tunnels for Tots: The Pedestrian Tunnel Experiment in Los Angeles"
Inside this edition:
• Tunnels for Tots: The Pedestrian Tunnel Experiment in Los Angeles
• The Man Who Built Los Angeles: Engineer, Mayor, Visionary and Forgotten Man
• In Memoriam: Eddy Feldman
• Dorothy Chandler: Trailblazer for the Arts
• Karen S. Wilson to Speak at Annual LACHS Dinner
• 2013 Annual Awards
• LACHS Visits Becoming L.A.
• Water and Power Associates Virtual Museum
• Race, Real Estate and Remembrance in Santa Monica’s Ocean Park Neighborhood
Book Review:

• A Bright and Guilty Place: Murder, Corruption, and L.A.’s Scandalous Coming of Age


August 2013 - "Bringing the Olympics Home"
Inside this edition:
• Bringing the Olympics Home
• Organizing the Games
• LACHS Does Boyle Heights
• Irene Tresun: A Tiny Lady with a Big Heart (1919-2013)
• Jack Forbes – A Force in the Native California Community
• World War II Eyewitness Accounts at Los Angeles Public Library
• Irene and the Aircraft Warning System
• Hollywood Canteen
• World War II and the Motion Picture Industry
Book Reviews:

• The Frontier of Leisure: Southern California and the Shaping of Modern America
• Manzanar to Mount Whitney: The Life and Times of a Lost Hiker


February 2013 -In Memoriam Edition” In Commemoration of the Life of Irene Tresun 1919-2013
Inside this edition:

• The Great Rainstorm of 1938
• President's Message
• A Remembrance of Irene Tresun and the Thirty Niners
• Job Interviews and LAPD Holiday Parties
• LACHS Members’ Events… Going Places
• Councilman La Bonge Hosts LACHS Members at the Samuel Oschin Planetarium
• The Origin and Evolution of Traffic Officers
• Los Angeles City – A World-Class Cultural Capital?
• Upcoming LACHS Member Events
• Member News
Book Review:

• Vineyards and Vaqueros: Indian Labor and the Economic Expansion of Southern California, 1771-1877


November 2012 - "The Old Grandes Dames of Southern California"
Inside this edition:
• The Old Grandes Dames of Southern California
• President’s Message
• LACHS Awards Part of GALA
• Member’s News
• L.A. High School Grads, What Became of Them?
• Los Angeles’ Official Welcoming Monument
• Happy Anniversary, Percy Grainger "A Hollywood Bowl Wedding Story"
• Cahuenga Parkway
• Take Metro’s Red Line, View Some L.A. Sites
• ENDEAVOUR Comes Home
• Local Anniversaries
• The Earliest Prior L.A. City Halls
Book Review:

• L.A. Noir


August 2012 - "LA High School Grads - What Became of Them?"
Inside this edition:
• L.A. High School Grads, What Became of Them?
• President’s Message
• Upcoming Programs In the Works
• Letters Like This Always Welcome
• Los Angeles – London Olympics Connection
• L.A. Anniversaries
• Member’s News
• Sammy Lee, Winner with Many “Firsts”
• Glen Dawson at 100
• City Hall East
• The Los Angeles “FIESTA” Birthday Party, 1931
• L.A.’S History at Your Fingertips
• Huntington Library, Japanese Garden Tour
• Visit to Ferndell in Griffith Park
• The Origin and Evolution of Traffic Officers
• Mystery and Structure at 3rd Street and Loma
Book Review:

• Pio Pico: The Last Governor of Mexican California


May 2012 - "Remembering Two California Heros"
Inside this edition:
• Remembering Two California Heroes
• Presidents Message
• L.A. High School Grads, What Became of Them?
• Ramona Boulevard - The Airline Route
• The Hannah Carter Japanese Garden: A Hidden L.A. Treasure
• One Family – Many Gifts to L.A.
• 50 Years Saving L.A. Architecture = Saving L.A. History
• Member’s News
• Too Good To Be True?
• Eat Your Heart Out! Restaurant Prices in Los Angeles, 1950s–1970s
• LACHS Members Meet, Sally Mayo Hagland at the Villa Carlotta
• Diane Kanner Helps Congregational Church Get Conservancy Award
• “Shaq Is Still With Us”
• LACHS Visits CSUN Oviatt Library
• Many Firsts in California Hospital’s 125 Years
Book Review:

• RADICAL LA: From Coxey’s Army to the Watts Riots


February 2012 - "Annual Gala Big Success"
Inside this edition:
• Annual Gala Big Success
• President’s Message
• 20th Birthday Northrop Lectures
• Well-Hidden Secret: Stone Architecture
• Pedestrian Tunnels
• A Little-Remembered Anniversary
• Heritage Square Museum
• Historic-Cultural Monument
• L.A. High School Grads, What Became of Them?
• The Los Angeles City Council and the Comics Caper
• Looking Back – Barnes City/Circus
• Barnes City Hall – What’s That?

• California Wineries
• A Bit of History
• Treaty of Cahuenga Turns 165 Years Old
• A Revitalized L.A. River Promised by Washington
Book Review:
• Cultivating Health: Los Angeles Women and Public Health Reform


November 2011 - "Stimson House, Once L.A.'s Most Expensive"
Inside this edition:
• Presidents Message
• Father Greg Boyle to Speak at GALA
• The Day of the Horse?
• Annual Los Angeles Archives Bazaar
• Meet Your Board
• Members’ News
• The Story Behind USC’s Centerpiece
• The City’s River Bridges
• Sister Cities 55 Years Old
• Barnes City Hall
• L.A. High School Grads, What Became of Them?
• New Look for LACHS Website
• Friends of the Los Angeles City Archives
• Bring Modern Art to Los Angeles: Galka Scheyer and the Blue Four
• Wilshire, Corridor of Religious Buildings
Book Review:

• Boyle Heights


August 2011 - "California Ranchos"
Inside this edition:
• California Ranchos
• Presidents Message
• Los Angeles 130th Birthday
• Noteworthy Anniversaries
• Historical Society Events Coming Up In Near Future
• Meet Your Board
• A Tribute to Catherine Mulholland (1923-2011)
• The Street That’s a “10”
• So... Los Angeles Has No Museums?
• Only In L.A.
• Finding Aid For Los Angeles Historical Society Records
• Criminal Justice Wall of Fame
• Tidbits of History
• New Historic District Unveiled
• Quick Watson, the Camera!
• New Library Hours throughout System
Book Reviews:
• The Moguls and the Dictators: Hollywood and the Coming of World War II


May 2011 - "The 5th Avenue of the West"
Inside this edition:
• The 5th Avenue of the West
• President’s Message
• Book Contributors Honored
• LACHS Hosts the LALA
• Members’ News
• Some Noteworthy Anniversaries
• Divers & Dogs
• Laurel and Other L.A. Canyons
• Endeavor Comes to L.A.
• We Get Mail
• Angels In My Gut
• Arroyo Seco Parkway on National Register of Historic Places
• Eagle Rock and its Notable Recreation Center
• Friends of the City Archives
• A Bit of history
Book Review
• Race and the war on Poverty: From Watts to East


February 2011 - "ELSINORE!"
Inside this edition:

• President’s Message
• Gala to End All Galas!
• Rocha City Hall
• Port of Los Angeles Archives Project
• Members’ News
• Of Interest to Our members
• Committees For 2011
• We Get Mail
• Seventh Street and Broadway
• Southland’s Hidden Treasure: The Hale Solar Laboratory
• A Little (?) List of Books by LACHS Members
• Bits and Pieces of History
• LAUSD Art and Artifact Collection and Archives
• Northrop Lectures: Los Angeles Architects and Architecture
• The LAPD Badge
Book Review:
• Call of Duty: My Life Before, During, and After the
Band of Brothers

More coming soon!