Annual Awards

Each year the Society acknowledges significant contributions made by individuals and organizations in the advancement of local historical knowledge and preservation.


David G. Cameron Preservation Award

The David G. Cameron Preservation Award is named for preservationist and attorney David Cameron, who helped to found the Los Angeles Conservancy and was instrumental in saving the 1926 Los Angeles Central Library building. This honor is awarded for promoting preservation of our city's physical heritage

  • 2014 LA Conservancy’s ModComCLA Library
  • 2013 Glenn Creason, Map Librarian, LAPL
  • 2012 Ms. Jennifer A. Watts, Curator of
  • Photographs, The Huntington Library
  • 2011 Dauce Taube
  • 2010 Christy Johnson McAvoy
  • 2009 UCLA Library Special Collections
  • 2008 Wayne Ratkovich
  • 2007 Robert Marshall
  • 2006 AC Martin Partners


J. Thomas Owen History Award

The J. Thomas Owen History Award is named in honor of librarian Tom Owen, a long-time fixture and friend at the Los Angeles Central Library, and an inexhaustible font of local historical knowledge who was always eager to assist researchers.

  • 2014 D.J. Waldie
  • 2013 LA as Subject
  • 2012 Nick Curry
  • 2011 Paddy Calistro and Scott McAuley
  • 2010 Kevin Roderick and J. Eric Lynxwiler
  • 2009 Abraham Hoffman
  • 2008 Marc Wanamaker
  • 2007 Leonard and Dale Pitt
  • 2006 Michael Engh


Miriam Matthews Award

The Miriam Matthews Award honors the first African-American librarian in the Los Angeles Public Library system, who was also a community activist and archivist. Recipients of this award have made important contributions to knowledge of Los Angeles's racial and ethnic past.

  • 2013 Darnell Hunt and Anna Christine Ramon, Ralph Bunche Center for African-American Studies, UCLA
  • 2012 Arnett L. Hartsfield, Jr.
  • 2011 Southern California Library
  • alifornia Library
  • 2009 La Opinion Newspaper
  • 2008 The California African American Museum
  • 2007 The Mayme Agnew Clayton Library and Museum
  • 2006 The Japanese-American National Museum
  • 2005 Lawrence de Graaf


Honorary life membership

Honorary life memberships to LACHS are awarded for actively supporting the pursuit of local history, in various forms. Recent recipients include:

  • 2013 Raphe Sonensheine
  • 2012 Anton Calleia
  • 2011 William Deverell
  • 2010 Hugh Hefner
  • 2009 Gil Garcetti
  • 2008 John Welborne
  • 2007 LA CityView Channel 35
  • 2006 Jane Pisano


Special recognition

On occasion, LACHS recognizes certain unique individuals and institutions in honor of their contributions to the history of Los Angeles and their service to the community. Recent recipients include:

  • 2014 Tom LaBonge
  • 2013 Lauren Bon, Metabolic Studio
  • 2012 Dr. Geraldine Knatz, Executive Director of the Port of Los Angeles & Huntington Library (Mr. David S. Zeidberg, Avery Director)
  • 2011 Danny Munoz and the Getty Foundation
  • 2009 The Farmers Market, in celebration of its 75th year as a community institution.
  • 2008 Ann Shea, for chairing the annual conference of the California Historical Society.
  • 2007 Ariane Smith, for work on projects involving Los Angeles and California history.
  • 2006 The City Employees Club of Los Angeles, for contributing to the morale of city employees.
  • 2005 Doyce B. Nunis, Jr., for outstanding service to the local history community.